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Mini Split Maintenance is Important

  • Helps keep mini splits units running efficiently
  • Increases the longevity of the unit
  • Keeps you more comfortable

At Marcos Heating and Air Conditioning the first step when we service mini split ductless system is to inspect the air filters for any dirt or debris buildup that could obstruct airflow and reduce performance levels. If the filter appears dirty, we will replace it with a filter of equal size and quality as recommended by your manufacturer’s specifications. Additionally, all accessible parts of the indoor unit will also inspected for signs of dust accumulation, we will then clean the unit.

Finally, once these steps have been completed it’s time turn our attention towards servicing outdoor condenser units which are often exposed directly elements such as rain or wind causing them accumulate more dirt than those located indoors over time requiring regular maintenance sessions at least twice per year (or more if necessary). We will then visually inspect the condenser and clean any debris off of fans or connections.

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As a homeowner in Houston TX, you may be considering installing a mini split ductless system to help keep your home comfortable. While this type of system is relatively easy to maintain on an ongoing basis, it is important that you service the unit regularly in order to ensure its longevity and efficiency. In this essay we will discuss how homeowners can properly service their traditional mini split ductless systems. Marcos Heating and Air Conditioning can help you diagnose your ductless mini split problem and make sure that your system is running smooth.

Maintenance plays key role ensuring your traditional mini-split ductless systems perform optimally

Regular maintenance throughout life cycle providing years trouble free operation helping maintain desired temperatures inside homes no matter what season might bring outside weather conditions wise . By following simple steps outlined above , owners can rest assured their investments remain protected long term. If you have any question or concerns about your Mini Split system please call Marcos Heating and Air Conditioning and let us know we have been experts in HVAC since 1987!

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